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Our passion for shopping, the Great Outdoors, and meeting people from all over the world inspired sisters- Linda, Kathy & Anita to convert their family restaurant into a unique gift & souvenir shop. We choose the name "Three Sisters Trading Post' for many reasons- the famous Three Sisters Islands at the "Falls", as a tribute to the many trading post that once lined the Niagara River, the Native American legend of the three sisters (corn, beans & squash), but most importantly because we really are three sisters.

Upon entering the shop, you'll see "Howie" the talking moose and receive a friendly greeting - probably from one of the sisters. There's something for everyone including clothing, jewelry, home accessories, and items made by local artisans. When it comes to souvenirs, we have an enormous selection of memorabilia at great prices!

Come Enjoy Niagara's Other Attraction---SHOPPING!


Tons of Great Stuff!

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Tons of Great Stuff

We sell a variety of Niagara Falls Souvenirs, T-Shirts, Hoodies, Sweatshirts, Postcards,
Ball Caps, Photos, Books, Jewelry, Children Novelties, Native American Handcrafts,
Gifts for the Home or Cabin, and much more.

Collectibles: Handcrafted Buffalo Horns, Swarovski Crystal, Pocket and Hunting Knives

Garden:  Chimes, Stepping Stones, Flags

Seasonal Items: Halloween, Thanksgiving, Easter and Christmas

Café: Soft Drinks, Hot Beverages and Snacks

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Open daily 9am - 8:30pm daily 
Bus groups are welcome!
Please contact us for our incentive package.
Telephone/Fax: (716) 284-3689
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